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Four Generations of Fishermen Reel in Insane 11.2 Foot, 100-Year-Old ‘River Monster’

Eight unidentified family members spanning four generations hooked a “river monster” that was a century in the making while on a fishing charter on the Fraser River in British Columbia.

The family members too turns reeling in the giant sturgeon for two hours while on the Sturgeon Hunter’s charter (aka Steve Kaye Sportfishing) as it dragged their boat nearly four miles. They managed to finally bring the fish in, even after it broke a reel hands and had to be replaced.

“The fish just immediately started tearing the line off the reel and got almost 200 yards out and it completely jumped out of the water,” Kaye told the Daily Hive. “The entire fish was out of the water, so we got a look at it, and at 200 yards, it looked huge.”

Image: Steve Kaye Sportfishing/Facebook

Image: Steve Kaye Sportfishing/Facebook

The fish was beyond huge, at 11.2 feet (a typical sturgeon is between 5 and 7 feet in that area) and an estimated 750 pounds, this monster sturgeon was unlike anything most people will ever see.

“It was only when I landed it that I realized it was a true monster,” Kaye told CTV News. “My tape measure is only 10 feet and there was another 14 inches after that.”

Hooking monsters like this isn’t rare, bringing them in is.

“I’ve hooked several giants before, but they’re just so big that you lose them,” Kaye told CTV News. “They’ll break the line because they’re so big and powerful.”

“It was a true dinosaur,” he told CTV news. “This sturgeon was here long before us and will probably still be here long after we’re gone.”

After catching the fish, the group took some photos and released it back into the river.

If you want your own chance at monster sturgeon glory, Steve Kaye is running a special for $645 that gets up to four people on a boat for eight hours of dinosaur fishing.

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