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102lb Mahi Mahi Shatters World Record, Filleted Before Officially Certified

Imagine you catch a world record fish that would obliterate the world record by 15 pounds, only to realize the significance of the fish after it’s already been filleted without being officially weighed.

That was the case in July when Brian Lindsey reeled in a 102 monster of a  dorado – a.k.a. mahi-mahi or dolphinfish – while fishing in Cabo San Lucas aboard a charter. Unfortunately for Lindsey, the stud catch was weighed using a spring hand scale before being filleted by the crew who feared the meat may spoil.

“The fish was weighed on a typical hanging scale,” Lindsey said. “Again, we have extensive documentation of the fish, and a video of capture. It  was also measured and documented by a local biologist, who gave a weight estimate based off length and size.”

None of this matters, however, since the fish had already been cut up by the time managers of the charter realized how massive the fish was and phoned in to the fillet dock.

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